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Picnic Shelter

Irish Monument

First Log Cabin School

Isaac Funk's Cabin

picnic shelter
Picnic Shelter
A large covered shelter with tables is available for public use.  Large groups are recomended to call ahead for reservations.
Irish Monument
This six foot Celtic cross located in the old section of the cemetery was dedicated April 28, 2000.  It marks the mass grave where over fifty railroad workers were buried in the early 1850s.  Although not originally marked, these two plots were unique because workers were usually buried in forgotten track side graves.

"This Celtic cross honors the memory of more than fifty souls buried here in the early 1850s.  These immigrants from Ireland were driven from the land of their birth by famine and disease.  They arrived sick and penniless, and took hard and dangerous jobs building the Chicago & Alton Railroad.  Known but to God, they rest here in individual anonymity - far from the old homes of their heirs - yet forever short of the new homes of their hopes.  Their sacrifices opened interior Illinois and made it possible to develop the riches of the land we share today."

- text from the marker
Irish Monument
school marker
First Log Cabin School
A stone marks the school's location  just west of the church.  The school was built in 1827.
Isaac Funk's Cabin
Just inside the entrance to the cemetery is a large stone that once marked the location of Isaac Funk's cabin.  This memorial was originally located at the Funks Grove Rest Area on I-55.
cabin marker